Benedita Elisa Restaurant

The Benedita Elisa restaurant was gradually established itself in Santiago de Compostela. It all started when a Galician and a Catalan met in a gourmet kitchen. In that place, they fused flavors and embarked on a gastronomic adventure. Their great passion for cooking was hereditary. The culprits were their grandmothers, Benedita and Elisa, who taught them the gastronomic arts and made them who they are today.

The best menu

At Benedita Elisa, we want each meal to represent a distinct and memorable experience. We want our aromas to transport you back to your childhood or to take you to the future. We mix tradition and modernity with products from the region and innovative techniques. Do you accept the challenge of exploration?

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The kitchen is like life. It is replete with elements that complement each other: salt and sugar, precision and experience, patience and speed. At Benedita Elisa we believe that a great dish should be accompanied by the best wine. The glass should fit perfectly with the menu, forming a unique couple.

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We built our space with the utmost attention to details, exactly like for our dishes. We like showing you our menus: exposed stone in the restaurant, and an open kitchen show you what is behind each dish. We know how to bring color to your table, but with elegant simplicity.

What do our clients say?

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Praza do Matadoiro, 1

Santiago de Compostela



Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

13:30-16:00 & 21:00-00:00

We close Tuesday and Wednesday.

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