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Curly Oyster with Kimchi Bloody Mary
2 units
8,00 EUR

Curry rice toast with cockles, mango and yogurt
2 units
8,50 EUR

Balfegó red tuna tartare with ponzu and green shisho sauce
2 units
9,00 EUR

Calf bikini with trumpets of death
2 units
8,00 EUR

Caviar Amur Beluga Real Caviar
10 gramos
18,00 EUR


Burrata with tomatoes, toasted corn, roe and basil
14,00 EUR

Roasted and fried aubergine with vegetable curry and Cebreiro cheese
13,00 EUR

Balfegó red tuna tataki with ponzu sauce
15,00 EUR

Sirloin steak tartare cut with knife and smoked
19,50 EUR

Truffled potato foam with fried egg, mushrooms and pork dewlap
16,00 EUR

Espardeñas whit eggs
15,00 EUR

Celtic suckling pig terrine with crunchy and lemon ice cream
17,00 EUR

Chickpea hummus with octopus and pork dewlap with pickles
14,00 EUR

Calasparra dry rice, fish, crayfish broth and aioli
19,50 EUR

Pork cannelloni with coconut Bechamel, mango and mushrooms
19,50 EUR

Beef rib cooked 36 hours at 65º
22,00 EUR


Chocolate, mascarpone and coffee
6,00 EUR

Cheesecake, creamy and intense
6,50 EUR

Torrija toast with pomace liqueur and ice cream
5,50 EUR

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